This page includes links to various therapeutic and community resources.  Please note that
these are resources that I have found helpful and often recommend to others, and I do notreceive any financial benefit from these recommendations, nor do I provide any guaranteethat these resources will provide any specific benefit to the user.

General therapeutic resources:

Anxiety Coach Deep Breathing Instructions

Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation  

The Happiness Trap Free Resources (includes MP3 of Mindfulness to Your Hand exercise,need to scroll to bottom of page for MP3s):

Leaves on a Stream exercise

Anger Management resources:

National Anger Management Association:  

Christian Conte Anger Management Puppet/Iron Man Video

Dr. Tim Keller's Sermon "The Healing of Anger"
*Please note that MP3s are free, but you do need to set up a free account to access the

Therapists/psychologists in the Charlotte area:

Carolinas Counseling - a group of clinicians with expertises in a variety of areas, includingmarital therapy and addictions

Dr. Karen Crane, Ph.D. , provides psychological testing for children and adults

Dr. Stephanie Kemper, Psy.D. , at Carolinas Parenting Solutions - works with children ages4-10 and their families

Dr. Amanda McGough, Ph.D., at Southeast Psych - provides psychological testing for
children and adults, also offers a DBT program for adolescents

Dr. Chad Ritterspach, Psy.D. - treats anxiety, depression, anger, behavior problems, and
relationship issues; also provides disability assessments in NC and SC
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